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Amber Labs was born out of the recognition that many organisations require support on their data maturity journey.


Our team is passionate and experienced in delivering cutting-edge data capability. Amber Labs was established with a vision to provide specialist services, automation, accelerators competitively to organisations across EMEA.

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From the inception of Amber Labs, our values, have driven our decision making in how we grow and develop to ensure consistent quality to our customers and partners.

Our Values:

  • Prioritise internal culture and customer success 

  • A narrow focus into our three key domains and capabilities

  • A collaborative approach through every interaction internally and externally

  • Innovation and Research & Development is a priority 

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Amber Labs ethos is to drive value and inclusion throughout its internal culture.


Therefore our organisation operates as a partnership to:

  • Enable team members to own a stake of Amber Labs

  • Enable more options to our team as they progress in their individual careers

  • Ensure all of the leadership team have a significant voice 

  • Encourage the sharing of concepts and ideas

  • Empower our team to have a positive influence in the direction of our business

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