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Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem


Cloud Engineering

Amber Labs work with organisations to mature their capability in the cloud through: 

  • Defining cloud strategy 

  • Designing cloud architecture

  • Migrating to the cloud

  • Building automation through DevOps, SecDevOps and SRE

  • Federating cloud platforms through technology, people and process

  • Implement monitoring and security processes and technology

Utilising our specialism, we support and build:

  • Low Latency data pipelines

  • Architect and implement data platforms

  • Cloud data quality, data virtualisation, data archival and integration capabilities 

We work with the major cloud platforms, across private clouds, utilise several open-source technologies and commercial off-the-shelf software. 

Cloud Engineering - What we do
Image by John Torcasio


Data Engineering

Amber Labs work with organisations to mature their data capability, enabling their business to have access to actionable and insightful data, through the implementation of Data-Ops practices and capabilities.

Our data engineering practise delivers capabilities across the following domains:

  • Data Integration

  • Data Quality 

  • Master Data Management 

  • Data Governance

  • Data Virtualisation

  • Data Archiving

  • Data Security

  • Data Lake and/or Data Warehouse

We are technology agnostic and work with several technologies:

  • Cloud Data Engineering tooling within AWS, GCP and Azure data stack

  • Commercial off-the-shelf software such as Informatica, Talend, Databricks, Microsoft technologies, Colibra etc 

  • Coding languages such as Java, Python etc

Data Engineering - What we do
Image by Luke Chesser


Data Insights

Amber Labs are passionate in supporting organisations to unlock potential in their data and gain valuable insight to drive business decisions, customer growth and a better digital experience. 

Our team is focused on deriving three specific sets of value:

  1. Where are you as a business right now?
    We support organisations to build Business Intelligence and Management Information to provide deep insight into where you are as an organisation today.


  2. Where are you likely to be tomorrow?
    Through statistical analysis and predictive models, we work with organisations to answer questions that enable the ability to test future scenarios and apply insights to drive their product and business strategy. 


  3. What should you be doing next?
    Utilising data science, machine learning and neural networks to provide broader insights that can either be implemented as new customer services or drive a new business strategy. 

Data Analytics - What we do
Image by Ilya Pavlov



Amber Labs augment our cloud, data engineering and analytics capability with our Digital Practice. Therefore enabling Amber Labs, to deliver an end-to-end digital transformation. Amber Labs work with organisations to:

  1. Develop and deliver digital strategy for new digital projects through a mixture of user research, business analysis and solution architecture

  2. Design and develop user interfaces and user experiences in collaboration with our clients and to GDS standards where necessary 

  3. Design, develop and deliver complex web and mobile applications, in a variety of programming languages 

  4. Utilise our Data Engineering practice to implement complex data use-cases into digital products

Digital - What we do
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