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Data Labs

Our Data Labs allows organisations to ratify concepts, document what's important and rapidly implement Minimum Viable Products.


We work with organisations to:

  • Understand where they are today and identify existing limitations from their processes and technology

  • Support the definition of their target future state and document the tangible benefits associated with the change

  • Build a transition plan that can be implemented rapidly, whilst ensuring limited disruption to the organisation


We do this by:

  • Establishing workshops with key stakeholders and users to analyse processes, challenges and aspirations

  • Analysing datasets and testing potential scenarios, to quantify potential improvements

  • Working with software vendors and utilising previous case studies as a baseline

  • Documenting current state, target state, success criteria and realisable benefits

  • Design and implement Proof of Values and/or Minimum Viable Products, with strict success criteria

Our Data Labs allow organisations to avoid significant cost, expedite business value and financial return.

Data Labs - Our Approach
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Get Things Done

Amber Labs recognise the importance of getting things done. We mean on time, within budget and delivering upon initial expectations in whatever the environment of our customers are currently operating.


To ensure success, we are happy to work through several models:

  • Manage the project end-to-end

  • Providing specialist resources 

  • Provide a Managed Service

  • Act a scaling resource pool as and when specialised cloud and data support is required


We have defined or utilise industry-standard approaches for our engagements.


This includes a standardised delivery assurance process which covers:

  • Engagement

  • Definition

  • Deployment

  • Delivery

To provide support and deliver our assurance process, on any engagement, our team will always provide an Account Manager and Delivery Manager.

Get Things Done - Our Approach
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