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During the inception of Amber Labs, the founding team wanted to ensure our proposition genuinely added significant value to our partners and clients that aren't currently available in the market.

Three key aspects were identified and implemented from day one and remain as Key Performance indicators, to ensure we provide maximum value:

  1. Automation

  2. Accelerators 

  3. R+D Credits

These schemes are further supported by our Agile Delivery methodology. Ensuring our customers reap these benefits rapidly.

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Our automation is enabling our clients to derive value faster and reducing elapsed time of projects where we engage. Our team develop automation consistently regularly through two means.

  1. When appropriate and we are repeating certain exercises for clients. The Amber Labs teams invest time into building automation to reduce elapsed time for future projects with our clients.

  2. Through our research and development budget, we are consistently looking to identify opportunities for automation through scheduled off-site days and hackathons. 

We review our automation regularly and look to enhance them where possible. 

Example of our automation:

  • Installation scripts for software packages

  • Infrastructure-as-code for configuring and deploying environments

  • Standardised data models and target operating models

  • Testing automation scripts 

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Amber Labs are passionate about supporting organisations to adopt new technology and onboard new capabilities within the Cloud, Data and Analytics space. 

However, often when starting a new programme, significant work often required to build an approach appropriate for the people and processes within the organisation or how it will specifically work best for the organisation.  

Amber labs consistently invest in developing accelerators to rapidly kick-start off new projects, through our research and development events, and aggregate best practise industry-standard accelerators. 

Example of our accelerators:

  • Workshop accelerators for cloud, data management and analytics

  • Standardised data models

  • Target operating models

  • Software vendor analysis

  • Assessment Frameworks

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R+D Credits

Research & Development (R+D) is a core value of Amber Labs and we constantly track our progress in innovation within cloud platforms, data engineering and analytics.


Alongside our own investment of R+D, we developed our credits programme to support organisations that take it as seriously as we do.

The way they work:

  • For any work, we deliver for clients and/or partners, generates R+D credits for our customers.

What do R+D credits give you:

  • We reinvest into the relationship and the tokens are redeemable for consultancy to develop additional ideas and concepts

Example of what R+D credits can be utilised for:

  • Advisory engagements 

  • Development of Proof of Values or Minimum Viable Products

  • Business Analysis

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