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Delivering success, Driving change

Empowering businesses through Digital, Data, Cloud and AI transformation

Why choose amber labs


We have grown rapidly by partnering with clients to find the optimal combination of skill and talent for their specific projects.


Our expertise and enterprise clients span the public sector, central government, defence, construction, transport, financial services, and oil & gas.

High Performance

We leverage digital, AI and automation technologies to remove friction and create seamless, transparent outcomes from start to finish.

How we deliver

360 Consulting

Our 360 Consulting delivers end-to-end solutions & capability that work at pace with cutting edge technologies to ensure exceptional outcomes for our clients

Elastic Teams

Our elastic teams approach adapts to our clients’ needs, with scalable teams that can deliver independently or supplement your current workforce.

Recruit to hire

Our recruit-to-hire approach fixes the skills gap, driving successful outcomes on current and future projects through expert consultants that become your expert employees.

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