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What we do 

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Data Maturity

[Amber Labs] understand maturing data capability in a holistic manner across small or large enterprises can be challenging. Whether it’s on-boarding industry leading skills, implementing the correct processes or identifying the right technology. 

[Amber Labs] work with organisations to understand their current data maturity, work in collaboration with our clients to develop an ideal future data landscape, test hypothesis through the development of Minimum Viable Products and utilise automation to rapidly deliver new data capability.


Our approach is split across three keys areas:



  • Business Analysis

  • User Research

  • Workshops


  • Benchmarking software products

  • Test criteria and development of proof of success

  • Development of Proof of Values and Minimum Viable Products


  • Utilise [Amber Labs] automation and accelerators to deliver

  • Development and implementation of processes to mature data capability

  • Enable and manage change for a successful implementation

Data Maturity - What we do
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Digital Transformation

[Amber Labs] believe digital transformation is critical for any business regardless of scale or industry. We work with organisations to execute their digital transformation.

Our aim through a digital transformation is to:

  • Improves customer experience and engagement

  • Create new efficiencies 

  • Drive innovation internally and externally

  • Supports better decision making

  • Reduce operational costs

Our digital first team, deliver by:


  • Building and developing a Digital Vision through analysis 

  • Working with our customers to create a sense of urgency and communicate a digital vision

  • Developing implementation roadmaps, providing advisory services on key technologies and designing end-to-end digital solutions

  • Creating digital mobile and web experiences in collaboration with our clients. 

Digital Transformation - What we do
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In a digital economy, where there is an exponential growth of digital services, [Amber Labs] recognise the importance of ensuring that data is not only just accessible but also:

  • Understood and documented

  • Secured and Auditable

  • Trusted and Managed


Strong Data Governance allows organisations to:


  • Improve Data Analytics

  • Inform decision making

  • Reduce data inconsistencies

  • Ease regulatory compliance

[Amber Labs] work with organisations to:


  • Ensure data is secure and accessible to the right people

  • Comply to regulatory requirements

  • Development and implementation of Data Governance policies and strategy

  • Enablement and management of change through implementation of Data Governance processes and policies

Data Governane - What we do
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